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Pura Vida Ibiza
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School's over – and for brand-new high-school graduates Ben, Felix and Nick, it's time to party! But when Ben embarrasses himself in public trying to declare his love for the gorgeous Carola, he and his pals make a quick exit by taking jobs as hosts in a vacation club on Ibiza, the Mediterranean hot spot for oversexed boys and underdressed girls! Instead of sun, sea and sex, however, it's work, work and more work, as the three are kept busy around the clock by their sadistic boss Anna. And when Ben bumps into Carola and her super-cool DJ boyfriend, Ibiza starts feeling more like Alcatraz by the minute. Yet even as the mishaps pile up and the boys have to cope with stinging jellyfish, English hooligans and tequila hangovers, they refuse to give up their plan to throw the ultimate Ibiza party for the club, and especially for Carola. Summer is short, but these guys are going to make sure everyone remembers this one for a long time!

Title:Pura Vida Ibiza
Release:Feb 12, 2004
Runtime:1h 23m
Stars:Tom Wlaschiha, Kristian Kiehling, Michael Krabbe, Julia Dietze, Katja Flint, Horst Krause, Hilmi Sözer, Tom Gerhardt, Niels-Bruno Schmidt, Judith Richter, Victor Schefé, Maxi Warwel, Anne von Keller, Katharina Beissel, April Hailer, Gloria Nefzger, Miriam von Versen, Henning Hoffsten, Herman van Ulzen, Katharina Blaschke

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